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The top 10 computer repair problems I get asked about

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1. How quickly can you fix my computer?

Pretty quickly – I’m usually able to do an initial diagnosis within an hour, and often just with a phone call. If it’s going to take longer, we can chat about what needs to be done. I repair all kinds of PCs, laptops and Apple Macs and I cover the whole Newcastle area.

2. My computer is running slowly

There’s a number of ways to speed up your computer which will make it run like new. I’ll quickly diagnose the best solution for yours so you know what needs doing and what it’s going to cost before I go ahead with any work.

3. I’ve spilt drink on my laptop

Speed is of the essence if you spill liquid onto your keyboard or laptop. Quickly wipe up the excess and turn the keyboard upside down onto a towel. Even if you think it’s dried out, don’t switch your computer back on because it could cause further damage. Call Sifu Geek for help.

4. My computer screen has gone blue

This could be down to a hardware or software issue. You might also need data backup and Sifu Geek can help with that too.

5. My laptop battery life is really poor. Do I need to buy a new laptop?

This is a common problem, but it doesn’t mean you need to replace your computer. Replacing the battery is much cheaper than buying a new machine, but you usually need a specialist to do the job. Sifu Geek has the tools so give me a call.

6. I think my computer has a virus

I can remove viruses and malware, as well as giving you advice on anti-virus protection to stop it happening again.

7. I’ve lost some files on my computer – will you be able to get them back?

There’s no need to panic. If you have lost or deleted files Sifu Geek can help recover them. I can also advise about methods of data backup so you are protected in future.

8. My computer keeps freezing

There are lots of reasons a computer might freeze and it could be a software or hardware problem. My free diagnostic check will identify what the problem is and how it can be fixed. I use genuine parts or manufacturer-approved compatible parts wherever possible.

9. My computer is making a funny noise

The most common cause of noise is a problem with the fan or the hard disc but I will do a free diagnostic check to find out what is wrong and what needs doing to fix it.

10. I’m disposing of my computer and need the data wiping off it

It’s really important if you are selling or disposing of your computer or laptop that you erase any data on it, in order to protect your identity. I can do this safely for you.