Computer & Laptop Repair

Based in Longbenton near Newcastle upon Tyne

What I Do

A Price list of Computer, Apple Mac and Laptop Repair services. Please contact me if your problem is not on the list as I may be able to help you find a solution. Based in Longbenton near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Computer Diagnostic Test

Computer Diagnostic - £50

Experiencing Overheating, Freezing, Crashing, Funny Noise, Running Slow or Won't Turn On?

Computer Health Check

Computer Healthcheck - £75

Optimisation for slow PC, Viruses, Clean Junk/Speed Up, Hardware/Software advice.

Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal

Virus, Spy/Malware Removal - £75

Slow unresponsive Infected PC. Popups, Online/Phone scams, ransomware attacks.

Hardware Repair, Install and Upgrade

Hardware Install/Repairs - from £60

Fans, SSD/Hard Drive, Memory/RAM, Graphics Card, Laptop Battery/Keyboard, Motherboard.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Repair - from £60

Backlight Broken, Cracked/Dropped, Dead Pixels, Lines on screen. Damaged LCD cable.

Computer Software Install

Software Install - £50

Office applications, Photo/Music/Video editing, Antivirus/Security, Email/Web Browser.

Data Backup and Transfer

Data Backup/Transfer - £50

Back up important documents, photos, music, videos to external hard drive/cloud storage.

Data Backup, Data Recovery, Data Transfer

Data Recovery - from £90

Bad sectors, Corrupt filesystem/partition, Read/Write error. Lost/Deleted files recovered.

Factory Reset, System Recovery, System Restore

System Reset/Restore - £75

Boot issues, Windows errors, restore to factory settings or clean Operating System install.

Network Set Up, Network Security

Network/Security Setup - £75

Set up devices in home or office. Secure network. Test Internet/Wireless speeds.

Custom PC Build

System Builds - from £90

Office, Gaming or Photo/Video editting PC? Spec to your needs. Build/test, deliver custom PC.

Data Wipe for Hard Drive

Data wipe - £60

If selling or disposing – Securely erase all data on your computer to protect your identity.

Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling - Free

Laptop or PC you dont need? Can take away your old technology and recycle the parts.

Computer Training Help

Computer Training - £40 per hour

Set up Email. Edit photos & videos. Learn Office applications. Data backup techniques.

Coffee Spill, Liquid Damage, Wine Spill, Water Damage

Liquid/Water Damage - from £90

Inspection, cleaning and testing of components. Repair back to working order.

For Laptop and Apple Mac/PC Repair

Jargon Free Advice and Quick Solutions.

What My Clients Say

Read Client Testimonials for their Experience of Sifu Geek Computer, Laptop and Apple Mac/PC Repair Services. Based in Longbenton near Newcastle upon Tyne.